Squirrel Hill, Wabash Street, and Cranberry, Pittsburgh, PA


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"The counseling I received at Positive Pathways was so helpful, I have been in rehabs before but never really took the counseling serious-it made all the difference for me, I’m clean 14 months!"


Brian – Carnegie, PA

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"I am clean 13 months, some people that don’t understand Suboxone ‘frown’ on it well it saved my life-! And I am now ‘tapering off’ the Suboxone with the help of my counselor and doctors at Positive Pathways."


Theresa - Crafton, PA

"So many people say I’m replacing one drug with another, I wish they would try to understand Suboxone better. I was once a Methadone and this was NOT helpful. I am on a low dose of Suboxone and combined with Counseling I am clean 15 months- I have starting to ‘taper off’ my Suboxone, and my life is awesome!"


Brenda - Pittsburgh, PA

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Call us today to schedule an appointment with our counselors at any of our three centers. We are conveniently located on Squirrel Hill, Wabash Street, and Cranberry Township in Pittsburgh, PA.

"I didn’t realize until getting into Positive Pathways Program that I suffered with anxiety and depression all my adult life and I was self-medicating with pain pills. I’m now on a SSRI that helps my depression and anxiety and combined with counseling and Suboxone, I’m clean and sober the longest in my life."


Rick - Cranberry, PA

"I tried everything to get off heroin for 10 years, 7 rehabs,  methadone even “Hypno-Therapy” - I always relapsed. Now with regular counseling and Suboxone im clean and sober over 1 year."


Trish - Wexford,PA

"The counseling I received at Positive Pathways combined with my doctor was so crucial to my recovery, I now have a great steady job, have my children back in my life and earned the trust and respect back from my family and friends. I am clean today 15 months!"


Stephanie - Carrick, PA

"No judgment-! Understanding counselors and doctors-! I have my life back, I have peace and I like myself today."


Amanada - Munhall, PA

"I’m clean now 3 years- no relapses!. I was one Suboxone for two years while I put my life back in order, it stopped the sickness and the cravings and I did NOT get high onthis medication. I then was “tapered down” when I was ready, next month I will completely off Suboxone. Thank you Positive Pathways!"


Anthony - Pittsburgh, PA

"Great doctors, extremely understanding counselors and so much positive support by all staff here- they empower me at times I feel vulnerable. I needed this in my life, I needed someone to believe in me when I did not believe in myself-and I’m clean 9 months strong!"


Dawn - Murrysville, PA