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Our counselors at Positive Pathways New Life focus increasingly on important specialties of opioid dependency treatment. We have found that addiction to Heroin, OxyContin, and Vicodin are three of the fastest and most dangerous problems facing society today. That's why our team strives to guide you step-by-step away from any such kinds of drug abuses.

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Sometimes all you need is someone to help you get back on track and an inviting environment to talk without fear of being judged. Meet our counselors at any of our three centers. We are conveniently located on Squirrel Hill, Wabash Street, and Cranberry Township in Pittsburgh, PA.

Our physicians, counselors, and administrative staff have years of experience in providing the highest level of quality care to patients. We utilize Suboxone as part of our overall recovery program to prevent any kind of opioid addiction relapse. We help in easy transition back into the society with a comprehensive treatment plan.

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We care for our patients right from the first visit till years after. Our therapist will work to help you gain insight and offer therapies that can make things better. Your sessions will equip you to make changes. All you need to do is participate with willingness to succeed. We accept all major insurances, including UPMC, UPMC for YOU, Highmark, Gateway, etc.

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